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Outdoors life is part of the American tradition. Parks and gardens were made to walk and relax, but also for children to play and to practise sports. Newark, with its vast green areas, maintains that culture.

One of the oldest leisure areas in Newark is from 1887. The Newark Gardens are close to what is left of the walls of the castle, destroyed in 1646. These gardens have a Victorian inspiration and are a good place to relax, but it is also possible to have guided tours and to see exhibitions. The Riverside Park is on the opposite side, close to river Trent and opened in 2000. As well as vast grass areas, with some statues, it has several areas for children. In the warmer months, it hosts concerts and other events. Quite close, you can find the Town Lock and Lockside Sensory Gardens, with perfumed plants, fountains and ambiance music. The Sherwood Avenue Park is a relaxing place where you can also skate and play bowling or tennis. The Branch Brook Park (www.branchbrookpark.org) was one of the first public parks in the United States and includes a large area with trees, with over 3,500 cherry trees. It is one of the favourite places for those who enjoy bird watching. Among the favourites of the locals, we can also find the Weequahic Park, located in an old rural area, with a large lake, a golf course and jogging tracks, and the Independence Park, with football softball, basketball and volleyball fields.