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Green landscapes, fjords, mountains overlooking the city. Nature is one of the best offers in Oslo. Besides, who arrives in town realizes hardly any trace of pollution. There are buildings that seem to be born in the middle of a park.

Fjords. Perhaps the word that is heard more in Norway. Oslo is no exception. Are entries of the Rocky Mountains to the sea in an immense natural beauty and authentic nature of symbols that do not want to be missed. There are ships that book trips for a day or even more to these wonders. They are magnificent views. If you do not have enough time for a tour of the fjords go to Grefsenkollen. It is about ten kilometres from Oslo and from this viewpoint, more than 350 feet tall, has a splendid view of the Norwegian capital. Nearby are the lake Trollvann and a small beach. Who said that Norwegians do not going to the beach? It may be cold most of the year, but during the hottest days of summer the locals from Oslo flee to the beach and get temperatures above 25 degrees. On colder days, a stroll through Vigelandsparken is the best option. This is a park with over 200 sculptures by Gustav Vigeland, where you can enjoy ride on a bicycle. Throughout the city there are outdoor restaurants, to enjoy what she has best to offer: nature and tranquillity.