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Save an afternoon to find out more about traditional items, which help tell the story of the city and which celebrate its traditions. If you travelled to celebrate San Fermín, do not forget getting the adequate clothes for the job in specialty shops.

Pamplona has a dynamic which motivates long walks and findings, but also some expenses. On Avenida Carlos III, which is maybe the most popular street for shopping in Pamplona, you will find several shops with Spanish brands, but also some European brands. In the Casco Viejo area, you will find picturesque shops. This is where you will find the best souvenir shops, with plenty of references to bullfighting tradition in the city and the bulls which are let go in July, from the city centre. One of the special jobs for these items is Echeve (Rua Mercaderes, 14) where you can find products like vests, hats, boots, but also wooden sculptures and other kinds of crafts.Still, one of the best souvenirs one can take from Pamplona is the local wine. Try visiting Vinoteca Murillo (San Nicolás square), where you can buy all sorts of wines from the region and other gastronomic delicacies.