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A symbol of glamour, culture and passion, Paris is a city to discover and revisit, which impresses the visitor by its beauty, by the imponence of its past and by the vanguardist way with which it faces the future.

Paris is famous for its romanticism, but you don't need to be in love to enjoy all its beauty. It is a city where you will want to go back to many times throughout your life, no matter who with. More than a city for lovers, Paris is a passionate city, where each minute should be lived with intensity. Each step could bring a new discovery and each place could seem more magical than the last, which makes it one of the most visited places in the world. “To learn”, “to relax”, “to shop”, “to taste” and “to walk” are only a few of the verbs used by visitors of all languages. However, “to love” is the all-time favourite, since it is impossible to resist the charm of the French capital. Weather in Paris is temperate, which an average temperature surrounding 13 degrees, but snowfalls in the winter are not a rare event. During the warmer months, in the summer, thermometres can reach 30 degrees, so autumn and spring are the most recommended times to visit, thus escaping greater overflows of tourists in the most popular attractions.In order not to get lost, it is important to know that the city is divided in 20 districts, with a circle expanding from its core. Street signs include the information regarding the district where the street is located. Metro, bus, trains and taxis are easily accessible, but riding a bike or walking could be equally recommended, despite being more tiring.