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On an island such as Pico, where nature and volcanic history are present in every corner, be sure to visit all the beach areas. There are the more crowded, but there are also the most hidden, you must seek for them. In every spot the clear waters and idyllic settings are memorable.

The second largest island of the archipelago, located about eight kilometers from Faial, has a coastline of over 150 kilometers long and about 30 islets larger and smaller. And so, of course, the beach life is most popular in Pico. Obviously the choice is much. In the village of Lajes do Pico you can visit the Baixa da Ribeirinha beach, formed by sand and rocks of volcanic origin. In the southern part of the island are also the natural pools of Lajes. Take the chance to dive or do some boating or jet skiing. If you choose to sunbathe in São Roque do Pico you’ll find the Arcos or Barca beaches. If you have children pay a visit to the village of Santo Antonio, also in this parish. With just over 800 inhabitants, it is known as Jardim das Furnas, where you may find a playground and a camping site. The Natural Pools of Furna de Santo Antonio are one of the most sought bathing areas of the island due to their unique natural features. In the parish of Madalena, visit the area of the Criação Velha, with natural pools in a full nature environment. Volcanic rocks with dark tones will help you realize how these waters are crystal clear.