TAP Portugal  


The proximity with nature and the fact that it's a "green" state, attracts many adventure fans to Porto Alegre. The mountains and forests around the city are not just for relaxing walks: here you can also pull on your adrenaline and allow your heart to beat frantically.

One of the best ways to meet the green areas around Porto Alegre is by a 4X4 motorcycle or by bicycle. There are many groups that organize themselves to traverse the various hills and the more distant lands in Porto Alegre on mountain bikes. One of the places where they usually go on these tours is Santo Amaro do Sul, passing through the green fields near the Amarópolis dam.But there are specialized companies to follow the adventurous in their discharge of energy. For example, the Turismo Quatro Estações (http://www.turismoquatroestacoes.com.br) organizes various tours, including rafting down the Paranhana river for 70 reais (about 30 Euros).But also in the city itself, there are several options to tug on your limits. There are several gyms, called "academies" where you can do sports with ropes: Climbing or rappelling. The case of Adrena Limits (R. Marquês de Pombal 1077) which has several climbing walls, or the Climbing Wall Agarras and Climbing Wall (Rua Anita Garibaldi, 1795) also with several walls, including some mobile ones.The Marine Park of Brazil is another good choice for sporty moments. It has tennis courts, a football pitch, a running track, a skating rink, a velodrome and here you can rent bikes and 4X4 motorbikes.