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At sea, water sports are one of the attractions of the island. The residents are proud to have the best waves in the world for surfing and windsurfing. On land, the hills and hiking adventures invite you to discover revealing trails.

With an extended area of plateaus mountain ranges and green areas, hiking and walking are more than recommended for nature lovers. From hills and valleys, the adrenaline goes up, but caution is essential. Make yourself accompanied by a guide, as the trails are not marked and so apart from not getting lost, yet you can learn more about the island. The Plateau area is great for hiking. Full of coves and bays, the coastline of the island is ideal for water sports. The activities most sought are windsurfing and diving, ideal to be able to spot species that you’ll find in these warm waters. If you’re a big fan of adventure sports, do not hesitate. Learn to surf or water ski. Cape Verde has some of the best waves in the world and in Santiago, there are many schools that teach you. The most popular beach for windsurfing, surfing and diving is Tarrafal. If you like a quieter sport, fishing is another of the most sought in the region. You can rent a boat and set off to adventure.


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