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Twenty degrees in the water: consider yourself very close to paradise. If you ally this temperature with an incredible blue, you may even think it’s heaven. This is Praia, where you’ll find many places to lay under the sun.

In a city that is named Praia, of course you’d have to find extensive sandy beaches and blue waters that invite you for a few swim strokes at any time of day. Here, the water temperature is around 20 degrees during most of the year. Many people cannot resist to a good swim. Quebra Canela Beach is the most frequented, by locals and tourists. During lunch break many residents go for an exercise and have a swim at the beach, as it is very close to the city center. Here you will find various services and also functionalities. You can count on a tennis court, a pool and a diving school, where you can learn this sport. Besides this beach, you will still discover Prainha, Praia do Mar, Gamboa and Praia Negra Beach, all of them are paradise, thanks to white sands and volcanic rocks. Across the island, there are also urban beaches and others more isolated or even hidden. Some have black volcanic sand, but the waters are the most crystalline. They have an incredible flora and fauna.