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Cape Verde

With beaches that will suit all tastes, contagious rhythms and a delicious cuisine, rich in fish and seafood, Cape Verde will welcome its visitors with open arms, welcoming the visitors with body e soul. In the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, Cape Verde lies between the triangle of the American, African and European continents, ten islands and 18 islets shaping a perfect landscape for tropical escape lovers.

Beyond borders, the rhythms of “morna”, “coladeira” and “funaná” mark the beat. In Cape Verde you will have a lot more to discover. In the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, between parallels 15 and 17ºN and 450 km2 off the coast of Senegal, this archipelago covering a combined area of 4.033 km2, comprised by ten islands “Barlavento” – Windward Islands: Santo Antão, São Vicente, Santa Luzia, São Nicolau, Sal and Boa Vista. “Sotavento” - Leeward Islands: Maio, Santiago, Fogo and Brava), offering white sandy beaches, warm water, some are windy and wavy, perfect for windsurf, surf or bodyboard. Whoever appreciates a good dive may find coral reefs with dozens of ship wrecks. Cape Verde has a humid, tropical climate, with an annual average temperature of 27º and estimated population of 567 thousand inhabitants, Santiago Island hosts the nation's capital, Praia. Kind, simple and fun, after a meal the Cape Verdeans will always invite you for a dance. In every dish it is uncommon not to find corn, the base ingredient of their cuisine which is completed with dishes that have the scent of the sea, Lobsters, limpets, whelks, seafood which lines up with the most popular dish, “Cachupa”. In your glass you cannot miss grogue, a rum based drink with water and sugar or a homemade liquor.

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Portuguese (Official language). Creole is commonly spoken by the inhabitants of the archipelago. Contáctenos

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Sal Sao Vicente Boa Vista
Sal Sao Vicente Boa Vista