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“When discovering it, you’ll realize that the photos and films that you’ve already seen are worthless, because there's nothing like living the city to forget everything you have learned before. And Rome is worth living it.”

Rome continues to fascinate and amaze those who visit, due to a perfect communion between the greatness of the past and the little things that make it more enjoyable. The grandeur of the Colosseum, the imposing squares, fountains, palaces and churches could intimidate, but the spirit of this city seems to have not taken anything too seriously, choosing to live life happily waddling on a scooter between the chaotic traffic, drinking a glass of wine on the terrace or enjoying all the gastronomic delights that Italian cuisine offers. Everyday life is absorbed with such pleasure that the past ends up a decorative element in a perfect setting. Everything seems to please, helping to feel the joy of living. Rome is not a serious teacher, boring, crushing with its knowledge. It is a young city in spite of its century age, able to attract and fascinate people of all ages. The mild climate invites you to visit throughout the year, but during summer you run the risk of finding thousands of tourists and not fully enjoying the cultural life and many places are closed, especially in August. Travelling within the city is relatively easy, since there is a good public transport network. The most courageous can hire a scooter or a bicycle, but must bear in mind that the traffic and the hills are not good allies.