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Extensive white sandy beaches and crystalline waters are the highlight of Sal, an ideal island for those seeking rest. But don’t be mistaken if you think there is only room for relax. In this paradise of Cape Verde, adrenaline is also present, especially when the challenges are the water sports. In Sal, there's always a smile lurking and who visits will be welcomed.

Mentioning Sal is talking about "morabeza" the art of hospitality. Humble people, the locals have a contagious sympathy in this island of volcanic origin, one of the smallest of Cape Verde and the closest to the African continent. In the mid-Atlantic, Sal has a surface area of 216 km2, spread over 30 km long and 12 km wide. Although it is the flattest island of the archipelago, it has the highest point in Monte Grande, situated north-east and 406 meters of altitude. Populated by 35,000 inhabitants, Sal shares with the islands of Boa Vista, the closest, in May a mild climate with a small temperature variation. The hot winds that blow from the Sahara Desert help summer temperatures to range between 24 º and 30 º C. In winter, it may rain a little, thermometers run between 16 º C and 24 º C. With reddish-brown rocky plains and deserts of white sand deposited by the winds are the main characteristics of the lunar landscape. The gastronomy of Sal and its musical rhythms will not be unnoticed.