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Go to Sao Paulo also means to return home with suitcases more filled. The numbers speak for themselves: there are about 240 000 stores in Brazil's largest city and about 70 shopping centers. There is room for every budget, from the authentic real bargains "attacks" on the wallet. But you can always put into practice their art of haggling.

Popular trade to luxury retail, the offer is wide. In the heart of the city, on street 25 de Março, there are vendors and products to suit all tastes. The city has become a kind of São Paulo Chinatown, attracting people from all social types. The same applies, though not so pronounced, in the Bras suburbs, in the east, and Bom Retiro, in the center. There prevails clothing stores. Along with this most traditional trade, there is another market: the elites. In Avenida Europa, for example, there are dealerships elite brands of imported cars such as Ferrari, Jaguar and Porsche. Situation, moreover, that turns out not to be surprising, since Sao Paulo is considered the capital of luxury in Brazil. A nickname that has not appeared by chance, since the so-called "quad cars", composed by Oscar Freire street, Haddock Lobo, Bela Cintra and Alameda Morena, are concentrated in the big brand stores such as Armani and Cartier. If you prefer to circulate in malls offer is also broad in the shopping Mall, where there is the jeweler Tiffany, Higienópolis, Bourbon, Cidade Jardim and Morumbi. Happy shopping!


Sao Paulo Geneva Paris Newark
Sao Paulo Geneva Paris Newark