TAP Portugal  
São Tomé and Príncipe


The two islands are beautiful, but are not only great for relaxing. The dense forests or the vast marine diversity challenge visitors for moments of some subaquatic action.

The subaquatic experience could be one of the most seductive in the archipelago. First, for the attraction that the Gulf of Guinea seems to have for the ones who are here: it seems to pull us to its interior. The first suggestion is to go on a boat trip to know the islands from a different point of view. There are agencies who organise these trips, such as the Club Maxel (www.clubmaxel.st) or Navetur (www.navetur-equatour.st), to discover the coastline and relief of the islands, dolphin and whale watching (in the months of July and October, some species visit the waters looking for tropical areas in mating season).Another recommendation is diving. The coast, either São Tomé or Príncipe's, are true underwater gardens. With a hot sea and transparent water, there is a varied marine population such as morays, octopus and turtles. For first-timers, the Maxel Club, the Bom-Bom resort (www.bom-bom.com), in the island of Príncipe, are two good solutions for diving courses or to organise a trip for the most experienced divers.