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In 9.6 million km2, China clusters one seventh of earth’s population. Whoever visits this country will leave a richer person, not only for it is one of the world’s leading powers but above all for its ancient traditions. The hot and humid summer climate opposes to the cold, dry winter.

People’s Republic of China has total of 1.3 million inhabitants, becoming a country of history and ancient traditions. Here, the rural villages contrast with great cities. The plains and the desert to the east are an opposite of the impressive Mount Everest summit, to the west, a genuine journey for the senses. This country offers a great variety of sensations and destinations, starting off with large interest for different ethnic groups or the search for history, visiting the Great Wall of China, or even a religious retreat in Tibet. One of the oldest civilizations in the world, that is now considered a major world leading potency of the twentieth century has opened its doors to tourism and has bet on strong economical investments. The imperial palaces and temples are undisputable locations to visit (some date 2000 B.C.). The Forbidden City, in the capital, Beijing, in inevitable, same happens with the natural scenarios of Guilin and Chengdu. But visiting China means that you cannot miss the industrial centre of Shanghai and the unstoppable intensity of Hong Kong. If you choose to go in winter expect cold dry weather. In summer prepare for hot, humid days.

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