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Being the largest Chinese city, it is natural that Shanghai retains strong cultural and historical elements. The Chinese culture is one of the richest in the world and this metropolis, known since the Tang Dynasty in 751 and being called Huating at the time, has a rich patrimonial legacy oscillating between the past and the present.

There are several reasons to start by the Shanghai Museum. First, it is free. It is located in the People’s Square and it possesses an infinite collection of items of national importance: 120 thousand pieces distributed in three temporary exhibition rooms and eleven permanent galleries that allow you to get to know all the art ages and the Chinese crafts.Still in the world of arts, we suggest going to MOCA Shanghai that stands out by being an independent museum without profits. The Chinese contemporary art has more and more fans and people interested on it, and this space helps to promote the new artistic trends. The museum is located at the People’s Park, 231 Nanjing West Road and you can get more information at www.mocashanghai.org.In Shanghai there is also the biggest aquarium of Asia. At Shanghai Ocean Aquarium the visitors can “dive” in to the depths of the ocean and mingle with aggregations of various fish species. All thanks to a transparent underwater tunnel, the largest in the world, that simulates a journey through the sea depths to find in a unique way the fauna of the oceans. Find out more about Shanghai Ocean Aquarium at www.aquarium.sh.ch