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Whether it is summer or winter, those who enjoy adventure sports have a lot to do in Stockholm. They can ice-skate and ski or take advantage of the canals for activities like sailing or kayaking. With warmer weather, hikes and bike rides area ideal.

Stockholm is too cold for winter strolls, but perfect for snow adventures. Sport lovers can ice-skate or ski and snowboard. For ice-skating, there are several rings in the heart of the city, like Kungsträsgärden, Vasaparken e Zinkensdamm. The more experienced and adventuresome can, however, benefit from crossing the country looking for natural ice accompanied by a guide, in Trekanten e Norrviken, for example. To Ski and snowboard there is no lack of resorts. Hammarbybacken, in the suburbs of Stockholm, offers everything skiers need, including a school and a snowboard park. Ski slopes will open as soon as temperatures reach zero degrees. Even if it is insufficient to form snow, the cannons start producing it and it’s possible to ski. Whoever lacks practice is safe on beginner slopes and doesn’t even have to buy material (you can rent it on-site). Great adventurers, thrill seekers, find a true paradise in Romme Alpin, Dalarna (two hours’ drive from Stockholm).In the summer, visitors can choose packages of activities that include sailing, kayaking through the archipelago, hikes in the Tryesta National Park, safaris and bike rides through Stockholm.