TAP Portugal  


Spring comes and, with her, the new season of exhibits, for residents and all that, by then, start to visit the city. There is a theme for everybody, from space adventures to voodoo.

With the exhibition “NASA – the Human Adventure”, the Tekniska Museum gives you the opportunity to have a unique space experience, in a wide scale. In a space of 2 thousand square meters, around 400 objects, some of which we have never seen before, are exhibited. The Ethnographic Museum is another site not to miss, not only because of its permanent exhibition, but now due to its international show dedicated to voodoo. Nobody will remain indifferent to the collection of objects that ranges from dolls stuck with needles to evil characters from Hollywood, which show an occult side to existence. Whoever prefers a more palpable reality can find in Fotografiska, the photography museum, a good alternative. It presents public and private photographs from the work of Sarah Moon, one of the referenced Swedish contemporary photographers and that, throughout the last 35 years, photographed women, animals and buildings in their natural environment. The photography museum has, also, patented until the end of the year, photographs of Andy Warhol’s alter ego. “Lady Warhol” is the name of the exhibition that presents a conjoined work of two friends: Christopher Makos photographing Andy Warhol as a female model. To promote the city’s culture, official bodies organize a cultural evening in which all museums, theaters, galleries, cinemas and remaining showrooms are open to the public.