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In winter sports such as skiing or snowboarding it is often said that anyone who experiences this sport will be addicted and never miss an opportunity to get equipped and slide down a mountain. The Swedish Lapland is a must-see destination but in this country you can find excellent ski resorts that should be visited from December to April.

Before leaving in discover of the best snow destinations of the Swedish territory, know that the inland and northern area is where it snows more and where temperatures can reach - 40 degrees. It is precisely in the Swedish Lapland where you’ll find the best ski resorts and fantastic outdoor spaces with amazing views, ideal not only for skiing but also snowboarding, hiking, rock climbing, sleigh rides and skating on ice. This is where you can find the highest mountain in Sweden, Mount Kebnekaise, with 2115 meters, as well as the fantastic Torneträsk Lake and the unique Ice Hotel, where one should sleep at least once in lifetime. Concerning the various resorts in Sweden, on your trip you should consider a visit to Riksgränsen, one of the best mountain resorts in the country, with a spa, trails, hiking trails and other attractions. Located 120 km from Kiruna town and near the Norwegian border. Kläppen Ski Resort located in the Valley of Salen, is another excellent option. The resort offers 32 ski slopes as well as snow jet ski rides and ice fishing, among many other activities. In the southern part of Sweden discover Mulsjö Alpin, northwest of Lake Vättern, also considered to be one of the best resorts, with a Big Jump for snowboarders.