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Surrounded by the sea, Terceira has several options for those seeking a few days at the beach. Among sand beaches, rocks and pools, the island leaves the tourists fascinated by the natural beauty of places and in some cases, the water temperature.

Between Angra do Heroísmo and Praia da Vitoria, there is plenty of beaches to choose from. Right in the capital, the best known and most central is the beach of Angra Heroísmo. It is located next to the marina and is the only sandy beach in the Bay of Angra Heroísmo, where the waters are calm and pleasant. Then, in the region of the capital, we find other beaches, natural pools, such as Biscoitos, one the most beautiful places in the region. The Bay of Pombas is also a highly recommended beach. It’s a bay with a natural rock formation where you can also go diving. The natural pools of Silveira are probably the best place to take a few dives in all island, because in addition to easy access for people with more difficulties, it has a pier that invites the most daring to jump into the crystal clear waters.In Praia da Vitoria, the swimmers will be surprised: firstly with the black sand and then with water temperature. A further suggestion is to visit the Quatro Ribeiras, forming natural pools where you can go snorkelling and diving; Cinco Ribeiras, and still Porto Martins and Negrito, plus a pier where you can swim.