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Terceira is part of the central group of islands of the Archipelago of Azores, along with Graciosa, S. Jorge, Pico and Faial. From its capital, Angra Heroism start exploring the beauty, heritage and culture of the surrounding islands. Connections can be made by boat or plane.

The islands of Faial and Terceira have international airports and there are direct flights from Lisbon and regular inter-island flights, operated by SATA Air Azores. Alternatively, there are ferry boat links and passenger boats, several times a week between the five islands of the central group, yet always depending on the sea conditions. These connections, made from Terceira in Praia da Vitoria, are reinforced during part of the spring months and the entire summer. In Pico Island, the arrival port is in São Roque, from where you should prepare to climb the highest mountain in Portugal: Pico. Do not miss to learn the strong connection with the whales, by visiting Lajes do Pico, a whaling town, and the Whaling Industry Museum in São Roque do Pico. In Graciosa, explore Furna do Enxofre or the beach of S. Mateus, as in Faial it is mandatory to appreciate the view from the viewpoint of Monte da Guia. In S. George, the ship docks in Velas. From this village you can visit the entire island, stopping in the belvederes (to appreciate the view to Pico and Faial) and in fajãs, on the opposite side.

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