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A short distance by boat is the Lido Island, only the sea and the sun are common to all the beaches, since each has a special particularity.

The beaches of Lido, just eight kilometers from Venice, are known since the nineteenth century. Lido is known as the “Golden Island”, thanks to the color of the sand, as well as the lifestyle associated with cultural events. Today's extensive beaches and clear waters attract many tourists. There is a regular boat from Venice that allows guests to quickly reach the island, birthplace of the first resort in Europe. Among the most famous beaches is the Caribe beach and the C.A.P.L.I, very busy and with a range of support facilities such as restaurants and rentals for sunshades and chairs. Lungomare D'Annunzio and San Nicolò (www.veneziaspiagge.it) are the most luxurious areas, with higher prices, but where the variety of services available goes far beyond restaurants and kiosks: the whole area is covered with wireless network and it is possible hire private security. More tranquil is the Alberoni beach (www.bagnialberoni.com), an area where there is a hotel, restaurant and rental of umbrellas, but also is less crowded and very popular for families. Excelsior, Quattro Fontane and Des Bains - where the tents have straw roofs - are also lovely places to enjoy the sun and sea in an environment quite glamorous. All beaches on the island of Lido have a blue flag.