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Discovering Warsaw other than on foot or in traditional public transport can be a real adventure. A trip in time even. Visit the "Old City" on chariots pulled by horses and on the historic tram that dates back to the 1950s. Or lose yourself on a boat trip along the River Vistula.

In the 19th century only the carriages roamed the city's ancient streets. The ride has now become a tourist attraction and a popular way of visiting the "Old City". Another suggestion to travel through this area is to go on a small and colourful bus – only operating during the summer months – that instead of using an engine is pulled by two horses. If besides the originality of the transportation you also want to learn more about the city, the small train is a good option. During half an hour, it runs through the streets and the tour guide gives information about the main monuments and buildings of historic interest. You can hire a guide who speaks your language, but remember that during low season it only runs on weekends. Another of the popular trips is taken on the historic "T" tram (cabs that may be from the 20s or 50s), which runs through the Centre of Warsaw and heads to one of the city's margins, showing its entire history. One of the most famous is the Chopin route. Be prepared to see posters hung while listening to the music of the famous composer during the trip.You can also choose an educational, nature oriented tour, with binoculars in hand. Obverse the birds for whom the banks of the Vistula River have become their habitat.


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