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Algiers: Culture

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In the capital of Algeria you will find much more than historical memories wandering through the streets, monumental architecture and an unparalleled white light that never goes out. Right next to the old city, there’s a new Algiers that wakes up as more modern, cosmopolitan and ready to move forward. Without forgetting its original birthplace.

Although the charm of the old city is immediately able to seduce those who visit this North African country, the newest part of the city – which was actually born under Ottoman rule – also has its attributes. Algiers is rich in its cultural diversity, as is shown by the Museum of Fine Arts, the National Museum of Bardo, Museum of Arts and Popular Traditions and by the Museum of Antiquities. It is also home to most of the local entertainment and nightlife. To relax and enjoy a fine mint tea you can also visit one the promenade by the seafront. Yet, those who wish to bring home something to remember Algiers by should visit the Casbah, where most of the local and traditional commerce is located, or even the flea market near El Jidid mosque, where the challenge is to find something that isn’t sold there.

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