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City Break

Discovering Athens is part of everyone’s imaginary. Reasons for a “city break” in the Greek capital do not lack. History, museums, mythology, climate, the people, gastronomy and fun nights guarantee an unforgettable visit. The language barrier and confusion of the city are easily outweighed by the beauty of places and details.

Even before heading out to the city, it is important that that you choose a hotel near the main attractions. This way you will have more available time. Near the Acropolis, precisely in the districts of Plaka, Monastiraki and Psirri, you can select a low cost hotel. Alternatively, in Kolonaki you will find more classic hotel units, which allow you a quick access to major museums. No matter how many maps you consult, going up the hill and feeling part of this human history when gazing at the Acropolis and its Parthenon, the most famous buildings of ancient Greece, is simply unmissable! After looking at the city, go down to Plakato and wander across the narrow streets, feel the atmosphere and try some traditional dishes popular taverns. Be sure to visit the main museums and monuments, the Archaeological Museum or the Temple of Zeus and the cradle of democracy, Àgora of Athens. Contrasting, the Syntagma Square that represents the modernity of the city. For dinner, try one of the excellent restaurants in Gazi and venture out to the vibrant night in Athens. Visit the port of Athens - Piraeus - an area where you can enjoy good fish dishes. Before leaving, take the funicular and climb to the top of the Lykavitos Hill to enjoy the best view in the city.

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