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Bamako: Culture

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The camera is frequent presence in the streets of Bamako, where, every two years, takes places one of the most important photographic exhibitions in the whole continent and where cinemas abound. There are also plenty museums, as well as the art that is shown in the most unlikely of places.

In Bamako, the capital of one of the largest African countries, almost everything is done with big proportions and culture is no exception. That is the case with the National Museum, whose building that designed by the architect Jean-Loup Pivin, in 1982, and later on renewed and reopened in 2003, to show the best of Malian culture. With a vast collection of earthenware, statuettes, clothes, tapestries and traditional African artefacts, it is the second largest museum in the whole continent and one of the most prominent ethnographic museums in West Africa. Muso Kunda Museum if also a must-see: even with small dimensions, it draws our attention for the fact that it is entirely dedicated to Malian women and its ethnic and cultural diversity. In La Maison des Artisans you can find artists and artisans from other parts of the country, gathered to show the best products of their regions. And because this is a city filled with music, in Le Maquis, the area of clubs and music halls, there are young Malian musicians that flood the streets with their talent. Those who wish to watch a movie can do so in the numerous cinemas that blossom in Bamako. And speaking about cameras, there is also the African Photography Biennial – The Bamako Encounters, bringing to the city the elite of African and world photography.

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