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The agenda is completed and seems that there is always something happening in the unforgettable city of Barcelona. Gaudi, Picasso or Miró left marks in the capital of Catalonia and it is impossible to remain indifferent to the modernist atmosphere that left as a legacy.

A city with such deep marks of Gaudi, Picasso and Miró could not fail to have a vibrant cultural life, able to attract diverse audiences to museums, but also concerts, theater and the numerous festivals that fill the agenda of Barcelona. The influences are many, which makes the capital of Catalonia appear to be not one but many cities. So perhaps the best thing is to draw a roadmap of everything you want to see on a particular artist or period in history and most likely you will have a busy day for a certain thematic tour. If time is short, visits to the works of Gaudí Casa Batlló (www.casabatllo.cat) or the Sagrada Familia (www.sagradafamilia.cat) are mandatory, a passage through the National Art Museum of Catalonia (www.mnac.cat) will give you a comprehensive overview of the last ten centuries of art history. And La Pedrera building (www.fundaciocaixacatalunya.org), also designed by Gaudi, is the setting for activities such as concerts, exhibitions and literary cycles. The theater, dance and film have daily activities, but the big highlight is the music. The city has about 50 institutions dedicated to this area, promoting major festivals such as Sonar (www.2011.sonar.es) or the Primavera Sound Festival (www.primaverasound.com), both devoted to electronic music.

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Salvador Oslo Sao Vicente Bamako
Salvador Oslo Sao Vicente Bamako