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Centennial stores and luxury brands coexist in a city where the experience of shopping is an act of pleasure. The articles of pottery, traditional in the region, are a good choice for gifts.

Being Barcelona a city with many aspects, a shopping trip can become a different way of knowing the various cities within this fascinating city. There are shops for every taste and every budget. Diagonal Avenue are brands such as Calvin Klein, Armani, Versace and Gucci, there are also multiband places like Jean Pierre Bua (www.jeanpierrebua.com), while the Gràcia district is a kind of showcase for young designers in Spain. Souvenirs for family or friends can be found in places such as tourist information offices (www.barcelonaturisme.cat) or at stores like Cerería Subira, the oldest in Barcelona, founded in 1761 and specializes in candles and Ceramique i Terra Cadi, with articles on ceramics or Itaca store (www.itacas.com), which has a wide variety of local handicrafts. If you want something really special to go Escudellers Art (www.escudellers-art.com) and take home pieces of pottery made by you. For antiques, Boulevard dels Antiquaris is the ideal place, since it has more than 70 stores with furniture, paintings, jewelry, porcelain dolls or crystals. The older shops may be a good place to find special gifts. Casa Gimeno (www.gimenocigars.com) specialized in cigars, while the Central Estilografica (www.central-estilografica.com) cultivates a passion for pens and writing accessories; the Estampería San Jose (www.articulosreligiosos.com) manufactures and sells religious articles.

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