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In the north of Spain, this is a city with its eyes on the future and made people full of initiative. Regardless of political issues, Bilbao is, by itself, an irreverent and throbbing city, features that have given good results in cultural leadership.

The capital of Vizcaya, one of the three provinces of the Basque Country, is the tenth most populous city in Spain. Bilbao has at its center, about 300 000 people. But when we speak of its metropolitan area, the number rises to nearly one million inhabitants.In the last century, the city has been growing at a large pace. With an unstoppable business and commercial activity - a result of the presence of Nervión river and the Bay of Biscay, about 20 kilometers - the Basque government has staked much on architectural projects, notably the Guggenheim Museum, placing Bilbao as a major touristic city in Spain.Founded in the fourteenth century, the sea and the river always had an important role in building the identity of the Basques. The arrival of boats from all over the world stimulated new ideas and initiatives. Besides the modern facet that today leads many to know the city, there is the historical side of Bilbao, the oldest center, Casco Viejo, is one of the most sought places in town due to its classic tone, for its taverns, churches and shops, one of the mandatory stop in the capital of Biscay.