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The parks and gardens situated in the city center of Bordeaux has a relaxed atmosphere, ideal to forget for a moment, the agitation of the busiest streets.

Who likes to take some time to relax from the busy city can find in Bordeaux many open spaces where you can relax and enjoy the contact with nature. The Botanical Garden is a good place to stroll and relax, but if you want more detailed information on the plant species you can rely on guided tours. The area devoted to aquatic plants is a point not to miss. Founded in the seventeenth century has been preserving and studying the flora of the region, fulfilling an environmental mission, but also educational as it organizes regular workshops. Between March and October has extended operating hours, closing at 8pm. No need to walk far to get to the Public Garden, a park situated in the heart of the city, but with a quiet atmosphere. Greatly sought by locals, has a playground and a lake where boating is possible. The original park was destroyed during the French Revolution and the new project was designed taking as inspiration the English gardens. At Rue du Bocage is located the Parc Bordelaise, an area with 28 hectares, plus plants and flowers, also has a forest area. It is ideal for those with children, since they offer many opportunities for fun, including a small park with animals, a pond with swans and ducks, a puppet theater and a miniature train. Another place is to discover the Parc Rivière, on whose land was the castle of Baron Alfred de Luze; the ruins were preserved and are in the central area of the park. Open to the public since 1982, has since 2004 a new building, the Gardener's House, which houses a workshop on gardening, a document center and a tearoom. Smaller, but equally enjoyable, is the Garden Square Gambeta. This is a garden area, in the English style, situated in the city center.

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