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Wake up early and go for a walk in one of the parks that the city offers. Rent a bike and tour the avenues. Take the time to learn more about nature and occupy an hour in the library of the Botanical Park of Brasilia. Finally have a cup of tea while appreciating the silence and peacefulness of this city.

Overlooking the city from the top of the lookout point in the Don Bosco Chapel Ecological Park, whatever you see green, note on your map. Brasilia welcomes the visitors and greets residents offering several parks and a clean air environment, one where you will feel good when breathing. Any day is a good day to visit the City Park, but on Sundays it is full of people. The saying is not exactly this, but can also be used in this case, therefore, in Brasilia, follow the example. Enjoy the morning sun whilst being close to nature, ride bike or just take walk in one of the largest urban parks in South America. In addition to the tracks, it has kiosks and amusement areas for children. Recall when in text above you pointed green areas on the map? The Brazilian National Park is one of these. Known as the "Mineral Water" park, with 30,000 hectares and its main attractions are the pools formed from the water wells. You cannot miss the Botanical Garden. There are about 5 000 hectares, of which 526 acres can be visited. Here you will find exotic plants, an ecological trail with 4,500 meters a gazebo, a picnic area, a library with subject on Nature, an amphitheater and even a tea room.

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