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The "capital of the Thermal Baths" as it is known, offers visitors authentic natural images worthy of staying in your memory forever. Do not let go of your camera and register every moment. By land, wander through the hills in old quarter of Buda, and by boat on the waters of River Danube.

Known as the "Thermal capital", Budapest offers its visitors an idyllic setting of tranquility. Visit the saunas and the Thermal Baths and relax for hours. There are over a thousand pools in Hungary, 50 of them are in Budapest. In the Gellért Hill, the baths live up to the fame of the city. Natural water comes from a well 30 meters deep and reaches the ground in an effervescence of 43 degrees. There, it mixes with the water from the main pool and has a delightful temperature of 26 degrees. The Thermal Baths are part of the century old tradition of the Hungarian people, as a therapy and healing waters. For families with children, to enjoy the nature that the city has to offer, take them to the Àllatkert, the zoo and the botanical garden where you can even ride a pony. On your return, buy a trip on the train for children, Gyermeksvasút. Over 11 kilometers, you can ride through hills and valleys of Buda. End the day with a boat ride in the Danube, you will be amazed with the city you’ll discover.

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