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Sunbathing only a few metres away from the buzz of the city is a privilege provided by the two kilometres of urban beaches in the city of A Coruña, also ideal for those who enjoy water sports.

Located near the Atlantic Ocean, A Coruña is a good destination for those who enjoy going to the beach without leaving the city. Despite not having warm water, like in other parts of Spain, and the wind can blow quite often, these are pleasant locations and easily accessibly by foot, public transports or driving. In the urban perimetre, there are over two kilometres of beaches, which are good for swimming and sunbathing, but also for water sports like surf, sailing, windsurfing, rowing and canoeing. The most famous beach is Riazor, close to the stadium of Deportivo. Quite busy during the summer months, it is approximately 600 metres wide and it is easily accessible by public transports and car, with a car park close by. It also benefits from several support and surveillance services. Among the largest and most popular in the area is the Orzán beach, framed by the buildings located near the Promenade. Matadero is another safe and surveilled beach, extremely well-located and with support services which guarantee comfort and security. Calmer and closer to the tower of Hercules is the Las Lapas beach. Going along the Promenade, you will reach the Adormideras area, where the San Amaro beach is located, with fine sand and protected from the wind and sun by rocks covered by plants. Out of town, we find the Los Castros and the Oza beach, well-suited for windy days. Bastiagueiro, Alba, the naturist beach of Combouzas and Barrañán, are only a few kilometres out of the city and allow a pleasant walk in the colder months or sunny days, during the summer.

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