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Squares, parks and gardens invite visitors to tranquility and outdoors leisure moments. There are plenty of places to rest, have pick-nicks and practice sports.

The blue ocean marks the landscape of A Coruña, but the green of the gardens and parks is also an important part of the scenario. The city has many green areas, with threes, lakes and leisure areas, appropriate for those who enjoy a breath of fresh air. The Bens Park (www.coruna.es/medioambiente) is one of the most recent ones. Inaugurated in June 2001, it has a surface of 390,000 square metres, approximately 13 kilometres of paths, two lakes and one waterfall. As well as an area with children entertainment, it has tables and benches for pick-nicks. Sports lovers find at the Eirís Park an excellent place to keep fit, jogging or cycling. There is a trial track, which can also be used for skating. A tank with birds and a large gazebo complete the space's features; it is open until 10pm during the weekends and in summer. At the Monte de São Pedro, there is a 79,000 square metre park where you can have pick-nicks and where children can find entertainment equipment and a lake with ducks. It also hosts a lake shaped as a labirynth, built with an English style. The Islands of São Pedro count on 14 plant species and several types of birds and is becoming a protected area. This is a small archipelago formed by the Isla Vendaval, Isla do Pé, Aguión, As Tres Illas and Os Fernandiños. The Santa Margarita Park, the largest in A Coruña does not have a fixed timetable and is open as long as there's daylight. It includes the House of Sciences and the Opera Palace, which can be visited if the weather is not so welcoming to outdoors activities. In temperate days, it is an excellent place for pick-nicks or exercise since it has training equipment and plenty of space for jogging. On the last weekend of August, it is one of the most popular places in town since it hosts the Santa Margarita procession.

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