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City Break

The city hosts numerous international organizations including the UN and Red Cross receiving officials and thousands of visitors in a constant rotation. This is a new world that blends in perfectly with the culture, heritage and even the food, denoting a strong French influence. Spring and summer enhance the beauty and joy of the city.

Even though you’re not travelling "on work", in the days spent in Geneva you should consider a visit to the Palais des Nations (United Nations Headquarters). The one-hour visit includes hall of assemblies and the museum with the entire history of the organization. Done with this visit, it is said that the main attractions of Geneva is the historic center, where the Cathedral of St-Pierre’s tower will offer a panoramic view of the city that reaches the Alps. Walking across the city is the most practical way to find all its most important spots. Why not visit the various bridges (also on foot), which link the two shores of Lake Léman. Alternatively, make use of existing bike lanes in every street and avenue, as well as on the roads that connect to the outskirts. The Jet d'eau reaches over 100 meters high and it is another symbol of the city. Parc des Bastions, is has little of the green area of Geneva, with its gardens, monuments, fountains and statues. Here you’ll find dozens of rare species of trees. It also houses the Mur des Réformateurs, built in 1909 in memory of the great figures of Protestantism. There are many other museums, and don’t forget, Rousseau and Voltaire lived here. You can visit the city all year round, but with the tip that in July and August, Geneva becomes one huge festival.

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