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Johannesburg is a dynamic city, which mixes executives and tourists among museums, parks and football stadiums which made history. To get to know more about Johannesburg and its people, you can visit numerous museums telling the story of its suffering. Don’t miss the natural beauties and the Kruger Park.

The largest city in South Africa hosts over five million habitants and is the largest industrial and financial centre in the country. Johannesburg, or Jo'burg was founded in 1886 with gold findings in the area. 14 years later, it already had 100,000 habitants. The construction of museums, amusement parks and zoos in the city has been attracting more and more tourists every year. Besides, the World Cup football event, which took place in South Africa between June and July 2010, contributed for its development. Johannesburg received thousands of tourists during the event. But the city has a lot more to offer. Museums such as Apartheid, Mandela Museum or Africa Museum tell the story of the country and its people. As well as wonderful stories, Johannesburg has fantastic natural attractions like grottos, natural reserves and old and traditional villages. The city is located at approximately 1,800 metres high and benefits from a dry and sunny climate, except for the occasional showers in summer afternoons, between October and April. Temperature varies between 16 and 26 degrees.