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The four countries that comprise the United Kingdom are Scotland, England, Northern Ireland and Wales. The Islands of Great Britain and Ireland account the largest part of UK’s total area. With a total area over 240 thousand km2, surrounded by the North Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, this country’s cosmopolitan cities bind in absolute perfection with evergreen mountains.

As head of state, UK has the most famous monarch of the planet – Queen Elizabeth II – and its worldwide renowned traditions. Who has never heard of the “very British” five o’clock tea or the checkered Scottish kilts?The UK consists of four countries: England, which accounts over half of its entire territory, with approximately 130,400 km2. To Scotland belongs one third of territory. Wales has less then one tenth of the total area of the UK and the mountainous Northern Ireland has little over 14,100 km2.Bathed by the North Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, the largest island in the UK is connected to France by the Eurotunnel (Channel Tunnel) across the English Channel.From the cosmopolitan capital – London city – to the stunning Scottish Highlands, UK offers its visitors so great variety, which makes it difficult to choose where to start. Surely the rain and grey cloudy weather will keep close company, but how could you resist the birthplace of compelling personalities, such as The Beatles or Shakespeare?

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