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In Luanda discover a new world of adventure. Angola is a huge country waiting to be discovered. Even without large supporting infrastructures it is however possible to visit in an organized way, some of the natural beauties of Angola and enjoy activities, some more radical and others more traditional, such as hunting and fishing.

Safari is perhaps the best way to add adventure to the enjoyment of the lush flora and fauna of Angola. There are several companies that organize safari in all-terrain vehicles, trips that can last up to seven days, leaving from Luanda and passing through Malange, Kalandula, Sumbe, Porto Amboim and Kissama. In Kissama National Park one can see elephants, zebras, buffalos and antelopes. A paradise for ecotourists, such as the National Park Quissama. For those who prefer the sea it is not difficult to find a company that will organize several activities as sport fishing in mid ocean. The Casa dos Flamingos on the south coast, organizes various activities such as shark fishing to diving, dolphin and whale watching, hiking and quad biking. In Mussulo, the main beach area of the Angolan capital, you can enjoy all water sports, with or without an engine. For surfers, Angola offers several beaches with great waves, such as Cabo Ledo, who is only an hour away Luanda and already draws surfers from around the world. In this location you can also do bird watching. In the highlands of Huambo there are forests and mountains that are ideal for photo safaris and mountain biking, climbing, canoeing and fishing. Also near the capital is the Reserva Natural Integral do Ilhéu dos Pássaros - Birds Islet – a usual place for the rest of migratory birds.

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Praia Bissau Porto Santo Stockholm