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Birth to some of the most influent writers and European philosophers, France has also fed talent to great painters. It lacks no reasons for one to not recognize this country’s qualities. From the multiplicity of historical heritage, its architectural richness, the geographical variety of the picturesque and sunny Mediterranean beaches to the extensive lavender fields in Provence and the whiteness of the Alps.

France is 55 square km2, becoming the largest west European country. Even though you may not include the French colonized territories, spread all over the world, you’ll still get a mosaic of contrasts. Its privileged relation with sea defines much of its identity. This vast territory comprises three distinct areas: The harshness of the North Sea; southwest, the mild but humid climate of the Atlantic and the sunny Mediterranean south climate, featuring the Cote d’Azur beaches. If it not for the existence of its extensive plains, it would seem they’d be caught between great mountains. The Pyrenees mark borders with Spain and to the east, rise the Alps, settling borders with Germany. Combining the geographical variety with a rich pre-historical heritage, France becomes one the most visited countries in the world. Paris has a great influence, seducing the visitors with its romantic ambience, but also for being one the most influent capital cities of the western culture. Not only will the spirit be fulfilled in these parts. The French cuisine, one of the most appreciated, is a key element of the French way of life, spiced with famous wines such as the renowned Bordeaux and Champagne

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