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The green of the hills surrounds the city, but one need not deviate much from the busy streets to find places where nature calls for moments of tranquility or physical activities.

Despite the bustle of a typical large city, Lyon can also be a quiet place, where the green shades of the plants or the blue of the water help you relax after hours spent visiting museums and shops. There are three city parks: the Tête d'Or has an area of 105 hectares with English-inspired gardens and a lake, still harboring the Botanical Garden (www.jardin-botanique-lyon.com) and Zoo. Another point of interest in this space with nearly nine thousand trees is the Rose Garden, with 350 different species. The Parc des Hauteurs is Fourviere zone and has stunning views over the River Saône. It includes hiking trails and tracks for cycling. The Gerland Confluence is located in the south of the city and is not yet fully completed, as it integrates a very ambitious redevelopment plan for the entire surrounding area. Still, it is ideal for walking or cycling and for an evening tour, it is open until 10 pm and that is when you can enjoy a sound and light show created from the plants that are lit up. Just minutes from downtown is the Parque Miribel Jonage (www.grand-parc.fr), situated next to a lake and so much aimed for those who enjoy water activities like canoeing, rowing or sailing, but also for golf enthusiasts. About 12 kilometers from the center lies the Lacroix-Laval Park (www.lacroix-laval.com), an extensive area of 115 hectares, with forests, a river, several bridges, which also includes a castle, a restaurant and a museum with thousands of antique dolls. Park Parilly (www.rhone.fr), with a large forest area but also including a circuit, it is ideal to spend some time with the family or to play sports.

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Coruña Pamplona Bissau Terceira