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Too vast to be unraveled on a first visit, Mozambique defies choices, which are not always obvious. The coast lit by the Indic blueness is filled with white sandy beaches, whilst unique ecosystems are habitat to wild animals such as elephants, lions or hippos. Everywhere you go you will find that the generosity of the people will conquer even the toughest of the travelers.

There is no doubt, even the most pleasurable things require a sacrifice. Making choices, this country is a far too big, for an obvious choice of your intended destination.The long coast, jagged by the Indian Ocean shelter beaches that will overwhelm you with their beauty; further north if you prefer calmer waters that can be peeked if snorkeling or further south if you’re drawn to the surf adrenaline. But Mozambique is a lot more, the endless Lake Niassa, the luxuriant vegetation zones or the dryness of the savannah that guard treasures of wildlife and invite to a safari.The cold will never be a threat, thanks to the tropical and humid climate, with average temperatures that vary between 20º and 26º, depending on the region, being the rainy season the hottest time of the year.No matter how may your doubts persist, it is mandatory to post on your agenda a visit to the Island of Mozambique. Or would it be best to disconnect from the course of time whilst you’re in Pemba beaches or be amazed by the crystal waters of the Bazaruto Archipelago? Your eye will catch an explosion of colors in the markets, due to the contrasting products, mixed with the women’s “capulanas” an image that will never leave.

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