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The sea and the sun are just starting points to discover a city where there are more than wide sandy beaches and warm waters. The weather invites for long walks in the old parts of the city and well spent hours in the outdoor cafes and parks. At night, a whole city full of excitement to discover.

Marseille is not limited to a city that lives for the sea and the sun. Although these privileged conditions can be enjoyed it also has to offer great days for those seeking culture, fun or a memorable day spent with family. The climate of Marseille is favoured by the Mediterranean Sea, creating conditions that can be enjoyed throughout the year. The summer months are the most appropriate time to take full advantage the beach. Temperatures can be high, but the frequent sea breeze helps to the ease the peak hours. The transport system comprises about 80 bus lines, metro area and two subway lines. Although it is not yet possible to rent bicycles, Proxi-Pousse, an electric tricycle with capacity for two or three people is a good alternative for those who want to combine ecology and some exercise. There are several places to rent scooters, quick means of transport and pleasant to visit the city on sunny days. Because many of the most crowded areas are closed to traffic, walking may be the solution to discover all the places in Marseille.