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Do not be seduced only by the turquoise blue waters in this fabulous city. Nice is much more than an extensive coastline. Nice is history, culture, tradition, nature and, above all, it is a lively cosmopolitan city with many secrets yet to be discovered.

Hidden between hills, the scenery is the beautiful Bay of Angels. Nice is a true paradise. The city, by the Mediterranean Sea, offers a large coast and is crossed by two rivers, Paillon, in the east, and Magnan, in the west. It is an excellent destination for swimming, fishing, sailing, but also to see and be seen. Nice is one of the greatest tourism centres in the Côte d’Azur, considered as the capital of French Riviera. The city was founded by the Greek (Nice comes from Nikkaia, which means ‘victorious’), and is currently the fifth-largest city in France and the second tourist destination in the country, right after Paris. But Nice is not just about the beach. Nice is a sophisticated city offering culture, heritage, gastronomy and sophistication by the sea. 19th century constructions, gardens, parks, restaurants, shops, luxurious houses, magnificent cathedrals and monasteries mark the urban landscape. Served by a coast with unbelievable turquoise blue beaches, Nice is very popular in the summer, when temperatures vary between 17 and 27 degrees. In the winter, thermometers oscillate between 6 and 13 degrees.