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Charm hotels, luxury and refinement units in the city center or along the river help creating an atmosphere of romance, that Porto presents in its several itineraries, reinforced by hideaways, nooks and gardens that may end with a beautiful sunset in Foz.

The walks by the sea or along the Douro, although in a more urban context, but nevertheless offer quiet moments, provided with beautiful scenery. Watching the sunset in Foz is certainly an excellent program for two. But the city has gardens and hideaways to enjoy and several elegant, charm hotels that appeal to moments of romance. The history of the city and its monuments help create the environment making your trip to Porto unforgettable. There are several ways to enjoy the romanticism of the city, such as panoramic tours, boat tours and through the gardens and parks. To rediscover the pleasure of walking unhurriedly, hand in hand, choose the city gardens, Serralves, Crystal Palace and St. Roque. Throughout the seasons these routes have a different charm. Discovering the city on a boat tour is another way to surprise your loved one and you may even experience a cruise of one or more nights on the Douro River. Start the evening with a romantic dinner by the sea and then set out to explore the lively nightlife in the city of Porto. You will not regret it...

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