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The beach nine kilometers long is one of the biggest attractions of Porto Santo, not only for its tranquility and the water temperature, but also because it is believed that the sands have therapeutic properties

An extensive sandy beach and crystal clear warm waters are not necessarily synonymous of thousands of swimmers, disputing space to lay a towel. In Porto Santo this does not happen. The beach is very popular among the locals, as in Madeira such a place, so pleasant to swim and sun bathe you cannot find. The beach of Porto Santo is nine kilometers long between Baleira Village and Ponta da Calheta with a vast beach where tranquility reigns. Porto Santo is also known as the Golden Island, being famous for its sandy beach, sought by those who have bone problems and varicose veins. Therefore, it is not uncommon to find swimmers that are covered up with sand up to their necks. The sea waters are warmed by the Gulf Stream, therefore having year round temperatures of 20 degrees, inviting for a dip, peaceful and transparent, creating an ideal setting for hours and hours of absolute relaxation. Whoever wants to move away from the sun can visit the Chapel of the Holy Spirit, just behind the dunes of Ribeiro Cochino Beach. The church dates from the seventeenth century, but was partially rebuilt in the nineteenth century.

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