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The marine fauna and flora and the rock formations on the island of Sal invite tourists to contact with nature. Deep in the waters there are many mysteries to be discovered.

With warm waters that balance between a turquoise tone and a dark blue in the deep waters of the arid island of Sal, have in mind that diving hand in hand with the living nature is the best option for these vacations. Spectacular lava formations, forming numerous caves in the sea bottom are the ideal habitat for a vast variety of fauna and flora. The schools of fish swim among the slopes of volcanic rock along the sand banks, where you also find are a number of other very colorful marine organisms. Shellfish, turtles, manta rays and moray eels are just some of the marine species with whom you may socialize in the waters of the island of Sal. If luck knocks on your door, divers may have close encounters with tiger or hammer sharks, dolphins and whales. The numerous ship wrecks, home to several species, also catch nature lover’s attention. The incredible scenery of the Salinas of Pedra de Lume and the various caves on the island are also other mandatory spots.

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