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Like a set of sandy pearls sailing in the Atlantic coast of Africa, in Cape Verde adventure means sea activities. São Vicente is no exception and surf, windsurf, kitesurf, bodyboard, fishery and diving are enough reasons to plunge into the water. Squeeze between 16 kilometres of length and 24 of width above volcanic grounds, the island has small mountains like Monte Verde that invite us to go hiking… overlooking the sea, of course.

Who said that the beach was only meant for taking a swim, sunbathing and enjoy the heat felt in one of the islands in the windward side of Cape Verde? In some strategic places in São Vicente, the combination of crystal clear water with the waterfront where bays are formed, big waves, strong tides and constant wind are a treat those who enjoy water sports full on adrenaline. Counting on splendid conditions for the practice of such activities, São Pedro's beach, not far from the airport that shares the same name (and the only one in the island), is considered by the experts and one of the best places on earth for doing windsurf, kitesurf and bodyboard. Aside from scuba diving, which you can throughout the entire coastline, São Vicente offers the ideal scenery for fishery – with a rich variety of species including blue and white marlin, albacore, dorado, bonito fish, wahoo and even shark. In an almost entirely flat island, you will also have the chance of mountain biking, hiking, horseback riding and enjoying one of the legacies left by the British: golfing. Nonetheless, in the highlands like Monte Verde, the highest peak in the island, 774 metres high, or in Monte Cara – that resembles a human face – you can climb the rocky trails. Always with the sea in the background.

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