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Terceira is a perfect island for a few days for two. Good weather, walking on the seafront, breathtaking landscapes, viewpoints and gardens overlooking the Atlantic. And still, good food served in a romantic candlelight dinner.

Angra do Heroísmo is a quiet, sweet and peaceful city that invites you to experience on foot. No big hurry, to discover, walk along the bay that was once a safe harbor for sailors.The terraces are very famous across the island and not only in Angra. This is a suggestion for two, spending a few days, which you are ordered to relax and flirt. Sit back, unhurried, and order a fruit juice or an ice cream and let yourself stare at the sea. Aquaemotion is a place in the marina near the bay that can be a good option.Another suggestion is to plan an itinerary of all the viewpoints in the island. Starting in Pico do Facho, the highest point of Monte Brasil, that offers a wonderful view over Angra. Or in the municipality of Angra do Heroísmo, in the parish of the Altares, the belvedere Pico Matias Simão. If you go to the municipality of Praia da Vitoria, there is another viewpoint that you have to visit: the Miradouro do Facho, highly sought by visitors, with the historic city center at your feet.For a romantic evening, we suggest first dinner (Restaurant - Casa do Peixe, with stunning views of the Bay - + 351 295 217 678) and then accommodation in a rural tourism house - Quinta do Martelo (www.quintadomartelo.com).

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