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University students make up a good percentage of the population of this French city, which promotes long, palpitating and constant night entertainment, between bars, pubs and discos. The city gets a new appeal at night.

Most part of the movement happens around the Saint Georges Square. But we also suggest a walk to the Saint Pierre Square, where young people gather to chat and have fun. In fact, bars and pubs are very frequented not only at weekends, with the amusement lasting all night long, but also during weekdays.The bar La Couleur de la Culotte (www.lacouleurdelaculotte.com) is one of the meeting points for Toulouse’s youth. Another very popular place is the Classico Café (www.classico-cafe.com) that during the day welcomes various exhibitions (from photography to cinema posters) and at night becomes a musical place with live concerts.To dance, the disco La Purple (www.le-purple.com) is considered one of the trendiest places of Toulouse. Also Le 7 Discoteca (www.7discoteca.com) usually receives many renowned DJs in the nights of house, pop and progressive music. There is also La Villa Garden, a place dedicated to less electronic genre like pop, rock R&B and funk.

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