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In a region renowned for its wines, Turin brings the pleasure of the finest Italian cuisine to the table and offers a nighttime frenzy typical of a city filled with young people

Turin claims the title of the inventor of the concept of appetizer which plays a part in the Italian culture as a way of connecting the afternoon and the evening. The fact that it was here that, in 1786, Antonio Carpano invented the vermute, justifies the theory and leads the way the practice. To mark that early beginning of nighttime, there’s nothing better than finding one of the many historical cafés, such as the Al Bicerin, the Caffè San Carlo, he Caffe Torino, the Mulassano, the Baratti & Milano or the Platti. When dinnertime arrives, and because this is Italy, there are plenty pizzerias and other places to taste pasta (and ice-cream, as well as cappuccinos, of course). With the turinese signature there is also the agnolotti (fresh pasta filles with meat or vegetables) and the bolito (a mixture of meat served with cold sauces). One of the easiest ways to find such delicacies is to enter one of the restaurants that to the Tavole del Sapore that belong to the Tavole sel Sapore, a club created to promote the regional products. One of the most recommended is the AB+, near the Duomo, considered one of the city’s finest restaurants. Alongside with the meal you should also taste the red wines from the regions of Chieri and Dolcetto and, if you prefer the white ones, savour the Moscato or the Dolcetto. And finish with an Italian espresso. And since it is a city with hundreds of students, there are many pubs and nightclubs, some of them near the Po river, in place called Murazi. Near the Via San Francesco de Paola you will also find various places to have fun throughout the night.

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