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Offer the children an afternoon of contact with nature and animals. The Warsaw Zoo features species from Poland and other animals that can be petted and fed, a unique experience for the little ones.

A visit to the Zoo is always a good alternative in a city full of monuments and a heavy history, which the youngest ones aren’t always prepared for or willing to learn about. Here, you can combine the contact with nature with learning about several species of animals. Founded in 1928, the Warsaw Zoo scrawls over 40 acres of land where about five thousand animals and 500 different species cohabit. It is likely that you already familiar with exotic animals, but you can always take an interest in getting to know better those originating in Poland: brown bears, otters and storks.In the course of the visit you will be able to observe several birds fly freely in the garden. Take a look at the modern Pavilion that houses the chimpanzees and gorillas (it was built only in 2008). An unforgettable experience for the younger ones will be the petting of some animals and feeding them with carrots and apples in a space created for that purpose. From Warsaw there is a bus that connects the downtown to the Zoo (444, that leaves from the central train station).

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